Selasa, 30 Januari 2018

MC (Midnight Commander) keyboard shortcut for Mac OSX

----- Esc -----
Quick change directory: Esc + c
Quick change directory history: Esc + c and then Esc + h
Quick change directory previous entry: Esc + c and then Esc + p
Command line history: Esc + h
Command line previous command: Esc + p
View change: Esc + t (each time you do this shortcut a new directory view will appear)
Print current working directory in command line: Esc + a
Switch between background command line and MC: Ctrl + o
Search/Go to directory in active panel: Esc + s / Ctrl + s then start typing directory name
Open same working directory in the inactive panel: Esc + i
Open parent working directory in the inactive panel: Esc + o
Go to top of directory in active pane: Esc + v / Esc + g
Go to bottom of directory in active pane: Esc + j / Ctrl + c
Go to previous directory: Esc + y
Search pop-up: Esc + ?
----- Ctrl -----
Refresh active panel: Ctrl + r
Selecting files and directories: Ctrl + t
Switch active <-> inactive panels: Ctrl + i
Switch active <-> inactive panels content: Ctrl + u
Execute command / Open a directory: Ctrl + j
----- F -----
F1: help
F2: user menu
F3: read file / open directory
F4: edit file
F5: copy file or direcotry
F6: move file or directory
F7: create directory
F8: delete file / directory
F9: open menu bar
F10: exit MC

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install php 7.1 using brew

brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew tap homebrew/versions
brew tap homebrew/homebrew-php
brew unlink php56
brew install php71
close terminal


error when install brew on Mac OSX 10.12

error message:

fatal: cannot copy '/usr/local/git/share/git-core/templates/hooks/pre-receive.sample' to '/usr/local/Homebrew/.git/hooks/pre-receive.sample': Permission denied
Failed during: git init -q

sudo chown -R $USER /usr/local